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Pacific or Alaska Cod (Gadus macrocephalus)

Pacific or Alaska Cod

Pacific cod are also a member of the family Gadidae and are related to both Alaska pollock and Atlantic cod. Pacific cod are considered a trans-oceanic demersal fish and are found at depths to 500 m (1,650 ft).


They spawn from January through May. Their eggs are demersal and adhesive, clinging to rocks, coral, and other features on the seabed. The eggs hatch in 15-20 days, and the larval cod drift near the surface of the water.


The diet of Pacific cod also changes throughout their lives. Small fish feed mostly on invertebrates while large cod feed mostly on other fishes. In turn they are preyed upon by halibut, salmon sharks, northern fur seals, harbor porpoises, various whale species, and tufted puffins.