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Filleting Salmon

Knowing how to fillet fish well is very important in order to get the most out of the product and minimize waste. Each part of the fish has its own characteristics, which fit wonderfully with different types of dishes and preparations.

How to Fillet a Salmon

Filetear salmón 1 - Alaska Seafood


Place the gutted fish belly side towards you. With a sharp knife, open through the abdominal cavity up to the tail.
Filetear salmón 2 - Alaska Seafood


Place the blade of the knife between the spine and cut lengthwise from head to tail, splitting the ribs and the top piece of the spine.
Filetear salmón 3 - Alaska Seafood


Separate the top. Remove the thorns from the bottom.
Filetear salmón 4 - Alaska Seafood


With a smaller knife, trim the ribs and fin bones from both halves. If desired, remove fin bones.
Filetear salmón 5 - Alaska Seafood


If you want to skin the fillets, place the skin side down on the cutting surface. Hold firmly by the tail. Insert a sharp knife between the skin and the meat and keeping it flat, cut lengthwise, in the direction of the head, while still holding tightly by the tail.
Filetear salmón 6 - Alaska Seafood


Salmon fillets can be baked, braised or grilled or cut into ready-to-serve portions.

Video how to fillet a salmon

How to prepare a salmon fillet

  1. Cut fins and tail.
  2. Remove head and spine remains.
  3. Remove the scraps.
  4. Remove membranes and refine.
  5. Remove the skin.

Salmon fillets - Alaska Seafood

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