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Dragon Roll De Salmao Selvagem

Wild Salmon Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll De Salmao Selvagem

Wild Salmon Dragon Roll

Course Aperitif/Tapa
Alaska Product Alaska Wild Salmon


  • 75 gr Wild Salmon
  • 10 gr Asparagus
  • 10 gr Cucumber
  • 10 gr Wild Salmon Roe
  • 5 gr Ginger Gari
  • 5 gr Wasabi
  • ½ sheet N ori Seaweed
  • 110 gr Sushi Rice
  • 10 gr Granny Smith Apple
  • 30 gr Rice vinegar
  • 3 gr Soy sauce
  • 6 gr Sugar
  • 1 gr Salt
  • 5 gr Purple or Green Shiso Sprouts



  • Start by washing the rice thoroughly until the water comes out transparent.
  • Put it in a thick-bottomed pan with a heavy lid, the same measure of water and rice.
  • Cook it for 35mins, 10min of fire strong, 10min of low fire and 15min with the fire turned off.
  • Mix the rice vinegar salt and sugar.
  • Mix with the rice and let it cool down.
  • Cut part of the salmon into strips of the same size as the nori seaweed and the remainder into thin
  • slices that we’ll put around the roll after it’s done.
  • In boiling water, blanch the asparagus for 3min and refresh them in ice water to stop the cooking
  • process.
  • Cut the Granny Smith apple into small strips, if done in advance, place them in water with lemon in
  • order to prevent oxidation.
  • Cut the cucumber into small strips
  • Place the rice on the Nori seaweed
  • Place the other ingredients
  • Wrap
  • Cut
  • Place the slices of salmon previously put aside around the rolls, salmon ROE and Shiso sprouts on
  • top
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